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The rise of ESG investing

We are in the middle of a megatrend: The move to a more sustainable world - and the financial industry is affected by this trend in one of the strongest ways. Asset managers and wealth management companies are preparing for the largest transfer of wealth from baby boomers to generations that want their assets invested in alignment with their values.

This is supported by reports and studies that estimate that by 2025, 30% of the global assets under management will be managed sustainably.

The CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing aims to educate on all facets of this emerging trend, addressing questions and topics like:

  • The different approaches to responsible investing, including Impact Investing, Stewardship, Screening and others
  • History and evolution of ESG, and what types of issues the individual factors (E, S and G) look at
  • How to apply ESG in a portfolio context - through the lenses of a Portfolio Manager, Analyst and Investor

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Kogi Kentaro, 30. April 2023

Braine was a very useful app for my study on CFA ESG Certificate. I first read thorugh the CFA text and then repeated Brainie's questions several times. Good thing about Braine is that all answers are followed by detailed explanations which were informative. I repeated the questions using iPhone in a train when commuting. Just before the exam, I extracted the explanations for the questions which I tend to be wrong, making a note which I repeated reading. Reading a CFA textbook a few times is not realistic, but memorising key issues thorough questions was efficient. Brainie is very useful for this purpose.

J Klaetsch, 29. April 2023

I tested for my Certificate in ESG Investing from CFA Institute in Nov 2022. I read through the included curriculum from CFA Institute, and used the included questions for each chapter, but those weren't particularly extensive so I supplemented my studies with the Brainie question bank. It was particularly useful being able to do just a handful of questions at a time on my phone when I had small windows of downtime. Passed the test!

Gabriel Soto Ridd, 2. February 2023

Excelent platform and quizes for CFA ESG certificate

james wyant, 14. January 2023

I used Brainie in preparation for the Certificate in ESG Investing and highly recommend the materials. Read through the curriculum once, take flash cards, then supplement with the robust Brainie question bank to drill questions over and over. I felt very relaxed and confident going into the exam and credit this to the Brainie study materials! I chose Brainie based on reviews I came across on Reddit and people swear by it. I found them extremely helpful and affordable.

Antonio Cabeda, 26. January 2023

Good Qbank, helped me to drill the material, I would recommend to anyone thinking about taking the CFA ESG exam

Alex Vlachopoulou, 2. May 2023

While preparing for the Certificate in ESG investing exam, I felt that there were not enough tests and questions in the book. I decided to use Brainie and couldn't be happier with the Q Bank and the preparation provided. I felt that the questions specifically were a really good representation of the ones asked in the exam. I also liked that once you answer a question in the Qbank you could also find the explanation below. Highly recommend it!

Brainie – your CFA Institute Prep Provider

Brainie is a CFA Institute Prep Provider. Only CFA Institute Prep Providers are permitted to make use of CFA Institute copyrighted materials which are the building blocks of the exam. We are also required to update our materials every year and this is validated by CFA Institute.

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