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About Brainie

Acknowledging our dedication to sustainability, Brainie has been honored with the prestigious title of "Best ESG Investing Exam Preparation Specialists" for the consecutive years of 2023 and 2024.

Founded in 2022 in Switzerland, Brainie has quickly established itself as the leading prep provider for sustainability-related exams. As a trusted CFA Institute Prep Provider and GARP Exam Prep Provider (EPP), we are the go-to source for CFA ESG and GARP SCR study materials.

Our comprehensive offerings include an acclaimed Q-bank, engaging video series, realistic mock exams, and concise summary notes—all designed to help candidates worldwide excel. We are proud to have supported countless individuals in obtaining the CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing and the Sustainability and Climate Risk Certificate.

At Brainie, our reputation for excellence and dedication to empowering investment professionals to achieve their full potential sets us apart. Join the ranks of successful candidates and let Brainie guide you on your path to success.

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Founded in Switzerland

Led by CFA Charterholders

20+ Years of Experience in Finance

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Meet the Team

Patrick Rissi

Patrick is the Founder of Brainie. Apart from his work at Brainie, he is an Investment Manager for a Switzerland-based boutique asset management firm that runs opportunistic equity investment strategies. He is also in charge of the firms ESG and Sustainability-strategy, and in that capacity developed a framework to integrate ESG into the investment process. Prior to this role, he worked at a major Investment Bank as an Equity Sales, serving asset management clients with the most recent sell-side research and market insights, including ESG research of the various companies.

Luca Michienzi

Luca is a Partner at Brainie. Luca has more than 10 years of asset management experience. His current role is Account Manager for a leading global asset management firm, focused on bringing the firm’s investment approaches and market research to its wealth management and institutional clients. In his role, Luca has first-hand experience in helping private banks and other investors achieve their sustainability objectives within their investment mandates. Prior to his current role, he worked at a different major asset management firm in its Private Equity and Infrastructure department.

Lavinia Silvi
ESG Expert

Lavinia is a dedicated Tutor at Brainie, where her exceptional ability to create engaging and comprehensive learning content has been crucial. With a passion for education and a deep understanding of the curriculum, Lavinia expertly guides candidates through challenging topics, making complex concepts accessible and enjoyable. Her commitment to fostering a supportive learning environment ensures that each student can achieve their full potential, making her an invaluable asset to our team.

Theresia Kienler
Stewardship Expert

Theresia is a member of Brainie’s Advisory Board. With more than 30 years of experience in wealth management she has an extensive knowledge in investment selection and portfolio construction. In her current position as New Product Manager for a Swiss Private Bank, Theresia has taken on the role to lead the company’s environmental, social and governance efforts. Her focus is on idea generation, interpretation of major company developments and identifying ESG issues. She holds an MA in philosophy from Vienna University and completed the Oxford Leading Sustainable Corporations Program.

Kirsten Saliba
Marketing Expert

Kirsten, our seasoned marketing maven at Brainie, leverages her extensive experience to propel our presence in the digital sphere, especially social media. She is instrumental in amplifying our mission and values to a broader audience. In her illustrious career, she has been the driving force behind the impressive growth and expanded reach of numerous start-ups. With Kirsten on our team, Brainie's message of empowering sustainable finance education resonates further and wider than ever.

Valerian Valkin
Tech Expert

Valerian, as the CTO at Brainie and CEO of 2V Modules, plays a crucial role in maintaining our platform at the forefront of innovation. His deep expertise in developing edtech platforms is integral to our mission, enabling us to consistently meet and anticipate customer needs. Through his leadership, we are committed to keeping our platform state-of-the-art, constantly innovating and improving to ensure that our preparation processes remain as efficient and effective as possible, thereby solidifying our position as leaders in the edtech space.

Customer Reviews that Speak for Themselves

Our Google reviews speak for themselves - they are genuine and come straight from the heart. We're proud to share them with you, so you can see how we've helped others achieve their goals and how we can help you too.

J Klaetsch, 29. April 2023

I tested for my Certificate in ESG Investing from CFA Institute in Nov 2022. I read through the included curriculum from CFA Institute, and used the included questions for each chapter, but those weren't particularly extensive so I supplemented my studies with the Brainie question bank. It was particularly useful being able to do just a handful of questions at a time on my phone when I had small windows of downtime. Passed the test!

Antonio Cabeda, 26. January 2023

Good Qbank, helped me to drill the material, I would recommend to anyone thinking about taking the CFA ESG exam

Alex Vlachopoulou, 2. May 2023

While preparing for the Certificate in ESG investing exam, I felt that there were not enough tests and questions in the book. I decided to use Brainie and couldn't be happier with the Q Bank and the preparation provided. I felt that the questions specifically were a really good representation of the ones asked in the exam. I also liked that once you answer a question in the Qbank you could also find the explanation below. Highly recommend it!

Tsubasa Yoshizaki, 12. May 2023

I used Brainie to prepare for my CFA ESG certificate exam. It offers a variety of practice questions, which helped me a lot!!!

Lina Attie, 11. May 2023

Brainie was very useful for my preparation of the ESG Certification which I passed in March 2023. The question bank and mock exams really helped me understand the content of the exam in an efficient way. I highly recommend anyone to purchase Brainie before the exam.

michele meister, 14. May 2023

Very useful to study for the Cfa ESG exam.