Master Your CFA ESG and GARP SCR Journey: 5 Top Brainie Videos Every Aspirant Professional Should Watch

Welcome to the next Brainie Blog – your ultimate guide towards putting you on track towards succeeding in the CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing and the GARP SCR certification. As a CFA charter holder, I understand your needs regarding top-notch study materials backed by effective exam preparation. In this blog, I share the five most important YouTube videos from Brainie that will enhance your understanding and help maximise your chances of getting through the CFA ESG and GARP SCR exams.

Unlock the Power of Collaboration


In this thoughtful webinar, Brainie and the illustrious CFA Society Switzerland co-host will provide in-depth insight into the world of CFA ESG. Learn from the industry experts' deep insights and understand everything changing the world of ESG. This video is a must-watch for anyone wanting to advance in this sphere.

Building a Solid Foundation

Start your CFA ESG journey with Brainie's comprehensive guide. Chapter 1 introduces you to the basics of ESG Investing that will set the pace for successful study preparation for your exam. From concepts to applications to scenarios, this video assures that you get the needed basics to ace the CFA ESG exam.

Expand Your Horizons: GARP SCR and Beyond

Join Brainie with GARP in this collaborative webinar to explore the SCR Certification by GARP. It is a journey not limited to this - it will touch on the wider landscape of risk management. Getting a holistic view of risk in an ESG context and learning multiple certifications alongside, like CFA ESG, can help raise your professional profile—a strategic watch for ones looking to cut above the competitive field of ESG investing.

Navigate Your Certification Choices

Still, trying to decide which ESG certification to take? Make it easy with Brainie, as the complexity of certifications like GARP SCR, CFA ESG, and CESGA gets demystified. Prepare well and make the right choice so that you set your journey in the correct direction to success.

Strategize for Success

Conquering the challenges is all about knowing what's coming. Brainie comes with a crisp yet impactful video that shows the difficulty level the candidates are expected to face in both the CFA ESG and GARP SCR exams, giving vital tips for preparation. This informative video will be your manual to devise a perfect plan and prepare as a winner.


With Brainie by your side, maximise his pristine guidance as you set forth to become CFA ESG and GARP SCR Certified Professionals. These top 5 videos provide rich knowledge, strategic insights, and practical tips to empower your preparation for both certifications. Trust Brainie, Trust Success.


Happy studying!