What's the CFA ESG and GARP SCR Pass Rate? A Comprehensive Guide

Explore key factors for choosing between the CFA ESG Investing and GARP SCR exams. Our guide covers curriculum, exam dates, pass rates, and study tips.

Introduction to CFA ESG and GARP SCR

Welcome to a transformative moment in the world of finance—a moment where responsible investing takes center stage, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations go from being "nice-to-haves" to "must-haves." As a finance or investment professional, you're likely weighing the pros and cons of diving deep into this emerging field. Perhaps you're contemplating the added value of certifications, mulling over their relevance, or assessing their potential ROI on your career. If so, you're in the right place.

The focus of this comprehensive guide is on two groundbreaking certifications: CFA ESG Investing and GARP SCR. These certifications are not mere add-ons to your professional credentials; they can be game-changers. With ESG factors becoming crucial in investment decisions and climate risks being a tangible threat, gaining specialized knowledge in these areas can set you apart in an increasingly competitive landscape. 

But how do you prepare for these exams? What is the expected pass rate? When are the exam dates? Is the study material easily accessible, and where can you find mock exams? We will answer all these questions and more, offering you a 360-degree view to make an informed decision. 

So, whether you're a newcomer to the ESG realm or a seasoned professional considering specialization, this blog is your roadmap to mastering two of the most valuable certifications in ESG and sustainable finance. Buckle up, as we navigate through exam books, pass rates, fees, and the very relevance of these certifications in today's fast-paced financial ecosystem.

Section 2: Curriculum, Exam Dates, Pass Rates, and Study Time—What You Need to Know

When it comes to advancing your career in sustainable finance, the curriculum and format of your chosen certification play a significant role. Moreover, key considerations like exam dates, pass rates, and estimated study time become crucial in your decision-making process. Let's break these down for both the CFA ESG Investing and GARP SCR exams.

CFA ESG Investing

Curriculum and Format:
The CFA ESG Investing certificate offers a thorough education in sustainable and responsible investing, covering governance models, environmental risks, and much more. The curriculum is available as a PDF—aptly named the 'CFA ESG Book PDF'.

Exam Dates:
The CFA ESG exam dates are more flexible compared to traditional CFA exams, typically occurring multiple times a year.

Pass Rates:
The CFA ESG pass rate is not publicly disclosed but is assumed to be between 60-70%.

Study Time and Preparation:
On average, candidates should allocate around 130-150 hours for study and exam preparation. A basic schedule that includes Brainie Pre-Material could be:

  • 1 month of comprehensive reading of the CFA ESG book (PDF).
  • 2 month of comprehensive reading of the Brainie Prep-Material (Summay Notes) and using the Q-Bank and Brainie CFA ESG Mock Exams
  • 2 weeks dedicated to mock exams, there is no CFA ESG Mock Exam PDF available.


Curriculum and Format:
The GARP SCR focuses on understanding financial risks associated with climate change and sustainability. The study material is usually delivered via eReader and is not available as a pdf version (GARP SCR Book PDF).

Exam Dates:
GARP SCR exams occur less frequently, usually twice a year (March & October).

Pass Rates:
The GARP SCR pass rate is estimated to be around 70-80%, higher than many other risk-related certifications.

Study Time and Preparation:
Candidates are advised to dedicate 80-100 hours of study time. A suggested study plan that incorporates Brainie Pre-Material could look like:

  • 2 months of comprehensive reading of the GARP SCR e-book (no PDF available).
  • 2 months of intensive reading of the Brainie Prep-Material (Summary Notes) and using the Brainie GARP SCR Q-Bank and Brainie GARP SCR mocks
  • 2 weeks of practicing GARP SCR mock exams (there is no GARP SCR Mock Exam PDF online available) and Brainie GARP SCR mock exams.


Given the rising importance of ESG considerations and climate risks in finance, these certifications are becoming increasingly valuable. The right certification not only provides professional growth but also equips you with the tools to make a meaningful impact in sustainable finance. Whether you choose CFA ESG Investing or GARP SCR, knowing the curriculum, pass rates, and required study time will help you make an informed decision. Now, mark those exam dates in your calendar, and may the pass rates be ever in your favor!

Section 3: Additional Resources, Fees, and Maximizing Study Efficiency

Investing in additional resources and understanding the financial commitments, like exam fees, can be an essential part of your exam preparation strategy. After covering the curriculum, exam dates, and pass rates in the previous section, let's now explore other factors that could affect your certification journey.

CFA ESG Investing: Additional Resources

Mock Exams:
While there is no official 'CFA ESG Mock Exam PDF' available, numerous third-party providers offer mock exams that can be a beneficial part of your preparation process.

The cost for the CFA ESG Investing exam varies but typically falls within a range of $600-$800.

Maximizing Study Efficiency:
The 'CFA ESG Book PDF' and Brainie Pre-Material are fantastic resources. Consider joining study groups and using exam prep apps to diversify your study methods.

GARP SCR: Additional Resources

Mock Exams:
No 'GARP SCR Mock Exam PDF' is available online; however, the 'GARP SCR Book PDF' and Brainie Pre-Material often include practice questions.

The fees for the GARP SCR exam are generally between $400 and $600.

Maximizing Study Efficiency:
Aside from the official eReader format, candidates can benefit from the Brainie Pre-Material and practice questions in the 'GARP SCR Book PDF.' Online forums and prep courses are also valuable.


The journey to becoming a certified professional in ESG or climate risk is challenging yet rewarding. It not only adds credibility to your profile but also prepares you for the changing landscape in finance. Understanding the curriculum, pass rates, fees, and additional resources will arm you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. Good luck, and may you ace these pivotal exams!

Section 4: Career Impact—Why These Exams Matter and What Roles They Prepare You For

When it comes to professional development, simply passing an exam is not the end goal. It's about what that certification can do for your career. Given the mounting attention on ESG factors and climate risks in financial decision-making, these certifications are more valuable than ever. Let's look at how each one could impact your career.

CFA ESG Investing: Career Impact

  • Job Opportunities:
    Professionals with a CFA ESG Investing certification often find opportunities in roles like ESG Analyst, Sustainability Consultant, or Investment Advisor focusing on sustainable investments.

  • Salary Impact:
    While the exact figures vary, holding a CFA ESG certificate could command a salary premium, reflecting the specialized skills you bring to the table.

  • Networking:
    The CFA Institute provides excellent networking opportunities, connecting you to an expansive network of finance professionals who value sustainability.

GARP SCR: Career Impact

  • Job Opportunities:
    With a GARP SCR certification, you could be considered for roles such as Climate Risk Analyst, Sustainability Officer, or even managerial roles in risk assessment.

  • Salary Impact:
    The salary bump could be comparable to that for CFA ESG, depending on the industry and level of experience you have.

  • Networking:
    GARP offers extensive resources for continued learning and networking within the risk management community, setting you up for career advancement in this specialized field.


Acquiring a CFA ESG Investing or GARP SCR certification isn't just about passing an exam; it's a career-transforming move. In an age where understanding ESG considerations and climate risks are not just optional but essential, these certifications serve as your ticket to a more fulfilling, impactful, and potentially lucrative career in finance.

So, weigh the curriculum, exam dates, pass rates, fees, and career impact carefully as you decide which exam to take. Whichever path you choose, remember that it leads to a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

Section 5: Insider Tips—Boost Your Chances of Passing the CFA ESG and GARP SCR Exams

Beyond understanding the curriculum and format, and having additional resources, there are strategic steps you can take to significantly improve your odds of passing these rigorous exams. Here are some insider tips that can give you that extra edge.

General Tips

  1. Create a Study Group:
    Collaborative learning can fill knowledge gaps and provide emotional support.

  2. Stay Updated:
    Industry news and changes in regulations can be exam-relevant. Make a habit of staying current with related news.

  3. Utilize Technology:
    Use study apps and flashcards on your phone to make the most of any downtime.

CFA ESG Investing: Advanced Strategies

  1. Master the Calculator:
    Familiarize yourself with the calculator permitted in the exam to speed up your problem-solving (only basic calculations needed).

  2. Topic-Weighting:
    Different topics have different weightings on the exam. Focus more on high-weightage topics for maximum scoring potential.

  3. Focus on Weak Chapters:
    It's important to identify the chapters where you score weakly and devote extra time to fill those gaps.

GARP SCR: Advanced Strategies

  1. Time Management:
    Learn to manage your time efficiently during the exam, especially since it covers a vast array of topics in a limited time frame.

  2. Understand Scenarios:
    The GARP SCR exam often uses real-world scenarios. Make sure to practice with case studies to improve your analytical thinking.

  3. Focus on Practice:
    Given that no GARP SCR Mock Exam PDF is available, practicing with available questions is crucial for understanding the exam pattern and improving your confidence.


These insider tips can significantly enhance your exam preparation strategy. From mastering the use of a financial calculator to identifying and improving on your weak areas, these tips provide a holistic approach to preparing for the CFA ESG and GARP SCR exams. Given the complexity and depth of these certifications, such small yet impactful strategies can make a world of difference in your exam performance.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

CFA ESG Investing

1. What should I consider before choosing CFA ESG Investing?

Before opting for this certification, consider the curriculum, the flexibility of the exam dates, and the estimated pass rate between 60-70%.

2. What is the pass rate for CFA ESG Investing?

The pass rate for the CFA ESG exam is not publicly disclosed but is estimated to be between 60-70%.

3. How long do I need to study for the CFA ESG exam?

Plan to allocate around 130-150 hours for study and exam preparation.

4. What materials should I use for the CFA ESG exam?

The CFA ESG Book PDF is the primary study material, and although there are no official CFA ESG Mock Exam PDFs, other resources may be available online.

5. How can I improve my weak areas for the CFA ESG exam?

Focus on the chapters where you score weakly in practice exams. Spend additional time on these topics to improve your overall knowledge and exam performance.


1. What should I consider before choosing GARP SCR?

Key considerations include the curriculum, the frequency of exam dates (usually twice a year), and an estimated pass rate of 70-80%.

2. What is the pass rate for GARP SCR?

The estimated pass rate for GARP SCR is around 70-80%.

3. How long do I need to study for the GARP SCR exam?

Candidates should plan for 80-100 hours of study time.

4. What materials should I use for the GARP SCR exam?

The study material is usually delivered via eReader, and no official GARP SCR Book PDF or GARP SCR Mock Exam PDF is available online.

5. How can I improve my weak areas for the GARP SCR exam?

Similar to CFA ESG, identify the weak chapters in your practice exams. Allocate more time to those sections to ensure a more rounded understanding.


6. Any last-minute general tips?

Regardless of the certification you choose, staying updated with industry trends and forming study groups can go a long way in your exam preparation.